Sunday, March 4, 2007

Failed Enterprise Deployments, Is ECM Next on the List?

An older article in IEEE Spectrum talks about why Software fails, and includes a table listing some of the major failures in the last 15 odd years, along with a cost associated with the failed deployment.

If you look at the table, you will see that in the 90's the failures were primarily custom developed systems, while in the 2000's it is primarily ERP/CRM system deployments using commercially available technologies.

As ECM increasingly attains center-stage role in Enterprises, one of the major issues organizations will need to address is the successful deployment of this business-critical systems. We are seeing large organizations jump into ECM, thinking of it as just a quick deployment of commercial technologies, and running into brick walls as they near Enterprise roll outs. One of the leading causes, I believe, is the lack of experience with these systems on the clients' part and an eagerness of vendors to push the idea that these deployments are 'out of the box'. Though that might help with initial license sales, that usually results in too many surprises for the clients' liking and runs the risk of more ECM deployments making the IEEE Spectrum list.

A robust effort around the requirements engineering, scoping, architecture, design and validation is a must for ECM systems - small to large - to realize the benefits we all now acknowledge are a great benefit to organizations deploying ECM solutions.

Click here to access The IEEE Spectrum List.

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