Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - any of the strategies and technologies employed in the information technology industry for managing the capture, storage, security, revision control, retrieval, distribution, preservation and destruction of documents and content. ECM especially concerns content imported into or generated from within an organization in the course of its operation, and includes the control of access to this content from outside of the organization's processes. ECM page in Wikipedia.In my experience working in the ECM arena, I have seen numerous deployments where the client is focussed on a particular business problem, or maybe is trying to address a particular set of regulatory guidelines/requirements. What seems to be lacking is a true understanding of how a content management solution fits into the Enterprise Architecture.My personal view is that most ECM deployments, and this is on the vendors and systems integration/consultants who deploy these solutions, are not really architected to fit into a corporations 'Enterprise Architecture'. Furthermore, the discipline and rigour of EA is not really followed as ECM solutions are developed.At Indigo Arc, we are working with clients to help frame ECM architectures better and in terms of the corporate Enterprise Architecture. I am interested in learning of other folks engaged in similar efforts.

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Some basic planning docs for ECM:

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